Saturday, February 01, 2014

Studio time this afternoon

 Had to pull out another table for this big canvas...36 x 48.  I could hold the plexi-glass in place behind the canvas while I placed the iron on the front side and try to fuse problem solved. I had only the corner laid out and tacked down so to day place the rest of the soft blue and tacked it down in place. Just place the stain tissue green paper down for the next row but not sure yet  just testing the waters on what is next.

My palette of papers, there's more underneath but there some big piece for the bottom half. 

 My one daughter said Mom why are the horse so boxy?  Good question...I did the one and I like what I'm feeling with them.  I will of course put a mane and tail on them but I need to make a plastic stencil of them so I can use this later on for other piece of collage and so I can repeat the same shape...I like to see repetition and I can see many of them and in different size as to give the illusion of depth.

 Sheet of plastic and some tape to hold it in place and a my trust exacto knife.  I like to hold something in my hand so this is what works best for me...don't like the skinny ones personal.

Ran down stairs and scanned the one image and then used the computer quickly and made a few different sizes. 

While I was cutting out the horse stencils I had put a glazing of white and glazing medium over the blue stained tissue paper... I want to push the sky back a bit and unify the blues together a bit.  I will create a few horse and place them down and then start on a abstract landscape and then introduce the sizes of the horse. Smaller goes done for the horse further away and then larger for the ones up front.   After my glazing I've given every thing to this point a coat of Polymer medium...and now letting it dry.

At this stage I have and ideas but things are still at an vulnerable state.  Like I shared before showing the "In Process" parts are like exposing yourself to soon or something...  feeling like a nap is in order or something did the shoveling and though it felt great to be physical I can feel a let down now..


  1. oh seems to be a new fab project Laura!

    1. In the beginning stages Susi


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