Friday, February 07, 2014

Road Trip today....

 I'm heading out shortly to drop off some work in Aurora IL for the Women 2014, all five piece will be in this exhibit. Woman with the suit hands on her hips is "Warrior Woman of the Woods,"  Next is " Rock Mama...she the queen of the rocks and stones.  "Mystery Morning is the woman that graces us with the early morning dew.
 Oh I want to say my favorite but I can't I love them all for what they each stand for. This is " Natural Flow" reminding us to follow the natures flow.

"Her Story"....This Woman is deep in thought she gathers her inspiration from all that wisdom in and from nature.

After dropping these off I hope to freeze my fanny off and visit the Danada Herd, miss seeing them and just being in their presence, then head into Elmhurst for my conference with the Art Ed. Director and problems solve somethings out before the a few bumps and hiccups but no "tsunami"  Good to have a supportive person when dealing with some tough issues...Thanks to my Mentor Carol....hugs to you. 


  1. Each piece is 12 x 36 on a wood panel.

  2. Good luck! Let me know how well it went...

  3. As it always out just fine in the end...

  4. Hadn't seen these before. Nice!


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