Thursday, February 06, 2014

Photo's from Tuesday's Class

 Marge's notebook, we all liked that.
 More of Linda's

 Julie drying here piece so she can move on to the next layer
 Re's makes a choice about the collage papers.
 Laureen using her homemade block stamp.
 Marge's big piece.

Barb's larger piece.

This was my starter demo's piece I would like to work on next week. I'm sure it will be totally something else by the time I'm done...  Cause and effect is happening... as soon as you stamp something it effects the piece. Then you make some gestural makes and cause a whole different effect. You're continually changes directions.  During our class these past three weeks we've be just exercising and practicing the layering, the next three weeks everyone will start on there own independent piece of what every size they want. I might even to do a series of three.  These exercise piece all can be cropped if the student want to but I try to encourage them not to and work out some the problem areas...even if it still doesn't turn out...helps you learn.


  1. LOVE the look into the student's work! AWSOME!

  2. wow1 Your student's work is amazing -these must be returning students???

  3. Liking that demo piece!


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