Thursday, February 06, 2014

Keep the Drama on the Canvas today...

 Been itching badly to get back into this piece it's been a week that just flew by.

 I've got a couple of different sizes stencils I made of these horses so I'm going to try and play with some perspective here... I'm cutting some very small piece of strips of the paper to make the tails, mane and forehead hairs.  No eye's for this herd...all on intuitive do they find and know.
 This is all before the glazing...I decided to do a grey glazing because these horse are experiencing a cold winter day and the winds are whirling... There farther and small to help with the perspective.

 Now we have a few more...
 the canvas is 36 x 48 and this is the top half.
 Grey glazing on now..
 Taking a step back to see how things are looking..
And with the grey shadowing and the gestural lines for the winds whirling lightly all around them, I also was drawn to putting some little red dots here and there...I call them my love spots. Till next Thursday or maybe Sunday...when I get more studio time in.. 


  1. oh Laura!

    amazing things are going on here!

    And since I missed some posts( was so busy the last days) I scrolled...

    oh I would be so happy to join such a class with you ....

    all this looks absolt fabulous!

    1. Oh Susi, it's nothing you don't do...My imaginary horse herd here is forming...there will be more. Hoping today to maybe stop by and see some of them between my road trip to here and there.

  2. GREAT Looking collage!

    1. Hi Sue...thanks for stopping by...what kind of work do you enjoy creating with?

  3. Love that grey glaze look!


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