Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Class today, "the art of layering with collage-Naperville Fine Art Center

 Here's Lenice inter grading her own drawings, with collage, acrylics and Wax Crayons-Neo Color II's

 Linda our busy little artists here, She's been working on a few different ones, I do enjoy watching her explore and push things to their limit.  Not many artist like her she brought her Geli plate and was have a ball printing on her piece.

 Carol is working on two more piece to combine with her other pieces.  Being layers or in the process of being laid down.

 Marge decided to work with two at time instead of three and she's got a great color combo going here.  She said it's not her normal palette so this is exciting to watch and see her grow.

 Barb shared some history with this piece and had some layers on there and wasn't sure about them so coated over and applied an whole new concepts that wouldn't have gotten here if she'd didn't do what she did before...do that make sense....?

 Julie is working on three also....I didn't have this concept planned out for the lesson but I suggested in and with the way  we are compiling the layers working on  and then moving to the next has help let go a little. Or it posses more choice then before lets say triple the amount of choices. But great results are turning out.

I had a piece of Roof paper ready to go with some taped edges and I wanted to share this process with the class using the roof paper and polymer and all the other supplies.  I was first introduce to this concept by artist Kent Youngstrom he was at the Create Workshops last year.  There was some interesting things I learned but one of them that I felt most comfortable exploring and that would fit in with what I do was the use of the Roof paper...or some like to call it Tar paper, it's the paper that goes on wood before the shingles... comes in a big roll...You have to allow it time to flatten out. After being in the roll it's a bit hard to work on.

We have only one more class left and then it's over till the Fall at Naperville Fine Art Center...I usually teach on Tuesdays so if you want to be kept up today then you my email list by signing up here on this blog over on the Side Bar here, there is a email that will be sent to you so to verify the email....all these little things to stay connected up right...? Well this is for the people that don't receive my Tack Down Tuesday's... 


  1. I REALLY like all this behind the scenes!
    Your photos tell a story...LOVE IT!

    1. My whole concept is about the process...which is so hard to be in...as human's we seem to take the easier path of get there quickly and for the wonders and rich history that is in the making.

  2. I wish I was in your class! Going to buy some tar paper today, you inspire me. To work on art, work on life. Yes. Learning that my life STARTS WITH FOOD. healthy gut, healthy bones and muscles healthy mind to create artist processes...love ya! Will you be making bone soup?


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