Thursday, February 06, 2014

Be Still....

In thought, in motion, and in reaction. Allow the flow of all that is troubling you to pass through. (words I'm telling myself )  I'm not in an emotional state of crazies more of acceptance of it all...and life's happens and we/I learn to go with the flow of it...not always easy.  Time for adjustments and to be like the coyote and be flexible...

I will spend some alone time with myself in the studio, yoga and then working on my piece.   I have to do some paper work,  I'll be dropping off artwork  for the Women 2014 Exhibit.

Looks to be a good group of woman artists exhibiting...I'm excited to see it all...That will be tomorrow's road trip along with a conference with the Ed. Director of Elmhurst. 


  1. Congrats on the show, Laura! I love the piece you show on this post, and hope all your troubles will blow away in the cold February wind...

  2. Flexible yet cunning like coyote. Stand strong! Hope to get over to see this show, will be working during reception as always.


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