Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Art of Layering Class....Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery- today starts the first session.

Be the Vision
8 x 8 Collage and mixed media on 140 lb. watercolor paper. 

So these are the 5 shapes of Life....a book that happened my way by curiosity.  I know I was taught to break things down in to shapes and use shapes to build back up... then you have graphic arts which if you think of it has been going on since the beginning of time when the first use to draw on the cave walls.  

These shapes are the most common shapes and are seen in some version repeatedly through out our history and beyond. 

So here's some thing to try...Which today my students in their first class with me will get to try also. 

Pick in order to 1. most to 5. least on your shapes...

I picked the circle, then the square, then the triangle and spiral and last the cross shape. 
There is meaning to the these shapes and why we pick them in the order that we do. You create as current map of your own inner landscape, giving an overview of you aspirations resources, needs,and fears. 

Fortune telling with shapes?   Yes sirree,

What each shape meaning is in one word...
Circle- wholeness
Square- Stability
Triangle- Goals and dreams
Spiral- Growth

What every shape you pick for
 # 1. Where you think you are....
 #2. Your strengths.....
 #3. Where you are....
 #4. Your Motivation...
 #5. Old Unfinished Business...

When looking at these shapes and their placement think about each shape symbolizing a specific inner and outer experience relevant to mankind.  

There is  more to this in the book, Signs of Life...The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them, by Angeles Arrien

For me when I pick shapes and use them in my work I've always looked at them as having a deeper meaning, the air of mystery so to speck to a piece of work...Why did that artists pick that shape?  
Finding this all out even connects my work at a level first glance one might not really get...and that's alright...it's about expressing the responds to how I was affected by life's experiences that really matters. I promised myself I would go stale and keep learning...so I continue on.... 


  1. Oh April only touch on the book there's more...interesting for sure especially if you use shapes in you work.

  2. Spiral, triangle, square, circle, cross. Guess I have old unfinished business with relationships...

    1. I'll send you some more about this...


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