Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Self - care day... is now officially happening on Wednesdays no more hump day...

I was to go and have a full day at an artist house doing Jello printing...not the Gelli plates, but the ones made from Jello and clear at that.  But plans change and couldn't get out to go, son's truck was gelled up from the diesel fuel not moving through it...seems the "new" Bio Diesel fuel's aren't cut for the deep freezes we've just been through.

So cancelled going and got busy on some much needed stuff to take care of and then finally he got it going as the husband suggest he uses the portable heater and unfreeze that full filter and then see if it will work.  Cardboard and a tarp wrapped his big truck up and then blow in the heat and it worked.

I was a bit crazed by being locked in the house for a few days so I had a list of place to go and tend when he was out of the way I go going on all of that...I even dropped off some older work that is consider my early encaustic works.   There's an exhibit they might have a chance to be in so I'm going for it....hanging on the walls or tucked away in a back closet isn't getting them to work for me now is it..

So made a nice dinner for the family and finished up my packet for the Collage and Coptic stitch journal class Saturday.  Looking forward to that....been preparing way to long...time to get a move on it.

Wednesday is a day to take care of myself and that's just what I'm going to do...

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  1. It certainly was cold! I enjoyed being home for a change.


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