Thursday, January 30, 2014

Got myself overstimulated Creatively

So there went my Wednesday...and the how the self care things went out the door...well not really.  The husband has been off of work now for a few days...hard for him and bit stir crazy so he's been trying to get the bathroom going...Electric is done but now needs to know where the plumbing is going to be...this is where the problem starts.  Or on a positive note the situation starts. He needs to know what kind of vanity I want in the bathroom....

 See this Table here that's been re-purposed and has a seat attached to it...well I would like a table vanity like this...some what... I'm such a silly gal....I really like so much but to pin-point me down is like cornering me and look out I get a bit crabby...I know and the husband has been a saint...then through in a hot flash now and then and Oh what a combo I become...we had some good laughs about it yesterday...

 But he really gets Field trip as he calls it...  I call it an artist date for to creative souls...OH MY GOSH...better then Diamonds and I don't like diamonds at all but I hear there a big thing... This was so cool to walk though stuff upon stuff of old stuff...oh gosh now I sound like George Carlin...the comedian..with the All this Really good Sh*&... This place is called Urban Remains...two place on the same street..small show room and large.

(another place we went to)  As you walk into Rebuilding Exchange  which is where one would turn there deconstruction stuff in for recycling purposes as of picking through for other build jobs...Recycling center for home building supplies.
 Again the Rebuilding Exchange, love the warehouse too...look at the old beams hold the place together.

Well this is what I'm looking for in our new it too pieces...and I might even paint/color it too. Thing is the old workbenches are a bit to long, and we did see a few but to cut it down would take away from the look I maybe I'll get one for my studio space when this big dream all comes together... in the meantime...the husband gets to now be creative and build us/me one..I really want a old table to convert into but for the legs and wood needs he said can do he's the man and I know he can...hahaha.

So much coming in all at once, God help me... Got home to see my three 12 x 48 inch wood plans had come in....Inspiration is spinning..I've been wanting to get to this idea for a while didn't realize that in 2007 I had the idea to do these totem and laid that dream down,  now only to bring to the surface again...need some space here and time to get other stuff out to the way and tackle it...

Over whelmed yet?  I know I am....the husband want's a drawing  design by to night so he can get started...Yikes...I've still not put my supplies away from two classes this week and I have to  take care of myself.. 

I know...I know...breathe, and breathe's so wild and exciting on top of it all 'Susi" from Austria has been sharing emails and connecting for awhile now and she's used my video's to try out the Abstract Landscape collages I do...So cool to see what's she's done and she's a very dear creative spirit too...follower her a few days to see...Grateful for the Internet and the connections we can make. 
Susi Blog-
OK now to eat some breakfast and get a whip on myself to tackle some jobs and homestead work, with a bit of drawing in there too for the husband. Dear heart that he is. 


  1. Hi love your work! found you through froebelsternchen and her blog link I am always looking for inspirational collage artists, so glad I found you.

    1. Saw your work my dear..and you do have a nice flare for the Texture and layering in your work too...Cheers to Creative Inspirations!

  2. Don't forget to breath! What fun!

    1. Oh God honey...I feel so blessed lately I'm am hiding out and taking some short moments.


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