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Friday, January 17, 2014

Eddie....means to circle....

Yesterday the need to get to the stables was really strong so I followed it.  Hard to walk in some areas...my rear end "kissed" the Ice a time or two and walked with caution after that...seem when I'm going into to slip or fall...I will get a bit noisy...and that for sure caught the attention of the herd in the pasture...every  set of ears and eyes were on me....Oh so silly and goofy...I yell back I'm OK...and then all went back to eating there fresh pile of hay that was dropped for them.

I was surprised to see them all out in the pasture but happy they where with the being in a stale all the time I know I would be stir crazy  and doing that eddie dance thing.

I had one of those slight not stop headaches all day...a light migraine I guess, started in the middle of the early morning hours of say 2...at least I can function with it....I tending to some home stuff and need to get out...so that's why I ended at the stables...

When I came home had some left overs for lunch and got busy cleaning the bathroom and the fish tank...you know those mundane task that keep us sane....Husband came home early for the job...working construction is hard on anyone in this weather...so he was happy to be home...He headed out to get some plywood for the new bathroom going in...so happy. I think I have him thinking my way about repurposing things...he's already thinking about building a bathroom sink that he creates the mold for makes it out of concrete and some kind of fiberglass stuff...I'm excited and if I find the right dresser/or old table we can be in business..


trying to write out my game plan for the year and filling what is already on the calendar....It truly works well but I so hate to think so far in advance the wild child in me never wants to be caged, cornered or kept locked into something but the adult in me has to get a bit of an idea sketched in....so that's where I am at and I have some much over due cleaning to do and clutter putting away....I carry my woods walking inside my heart today as I putter around.

I looked up the Word Eddie...cause it made it's way back into my word world of my head today and I wanted to know what it meant....to make a circle movement, swirl, whirlpool, vortex....hmmm vortex wow that's a strong contrast against, eddie-ing ..but if I don't watch it like a facebook friend said I don't want to get to dizzy....


  1. Like the household plans in progress!


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