Monday, January 20, 2014

Cleaning the Homestead

I've got the gals coming over Tuesday with the construction and daily living in our homestead....I had to do some major cleaning.  Amazing what gets dirty and how a little soap and water cleans things up...but I used some vinegar this time...yes a bit of  vinegar smell in stead of the fake fresh smells in the cleaning stuff I buy sometimes...We had a whole gallon of it in the pantry...some of the gals in the house are using the natural shampooing method of baking soda and the vinegar for washing their seems to be a welcome thing to curly headed people.

While I was cleaning the house it felt good....I've not had that feeling in along I sick or what?
It was a day off from always gearing the wheels to the next thing I have to do.....write something, create something...don't get me wrong I love all that but it was a nice switch...I was thinking about the future and what we as a family have gone through this far. Grateful...truly grateful for life.

Well off to guide the student through the Artists Way week 8...

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  1. Always feels good when the cleanings done!


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