Friday, December 20, 2013

seeking direction and sending out good thoughts

Oh I'm procrastinating.....yes I do that now and then.  I don't want to do anything related to the holiday stuff....though my holiday happens are a grateful less is more approach, I can't help but want to do some thing whimsy...spontaneous.   What I don't stick to a routine though for the morning at lest. 

I'm thinking of my good intentions and next years goals or things already on the agenda...I think I'm in business mode and hard to get out of that when you've been drilling away at it. 

I was just having a short talk/and listen with my oldest daughter this morning...she said she's done too...let it be over now and on with the regular stuff of life.  Not that it's humbugging it but I think we all come to our limits.

Well best get a move on the good happy list to do, bed's made, four legged ones feed and now some yoga for me and to tackle the list.....

Thinking of all the Elders in my life lately and all that their going through so I'm seeking a bit of Great Spirits direction through yoga and sending out good thoughts for all of them...

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