Sunday, December 01, 2013

Always amazes me...

Well when your ready the teacher appears or the written words speak louder. For me I never know where or what the teacher will be, my job is to stay open...sometime to open and I'm grabbing way to much to sort but I've read the artists way so many times, I just wished I retain the information.  Then what would I read for inspiration then right?   We every time I read the book I gain more "aha" moments...Must be where I am in life but it's awesome to re-read this stuff and still be grabbed by it. Moving on to week 5 about possibilities...awesome...what's to funny is my inner self has be craving a deeper connection to the Good Orderly Direction in my life..God, Universe, Great Spirit in all living things... and through this thanksgiving season into the gift season when I normally would go in to a bit of crotchety old lady, I've been trying hard to no go there and seek some connection at a much nice level...not sure if it's working but I'm staying open to the positive, nipping that negative in the behind before it has a chance to hang on...

There is the Midwest Collage Society Potluck Holiday Meeting today so I don't want to miss that but I would like to try and make some breakfast for the whole family and walk the woods and then go to the meeting so I best get the buns running and bust a move on things.

Off to a good day and I'm going to "Use Humor"  That's what my stone I picked today says. 


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  1. you will manage all you want to do... I am shure!
    step by step ....


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