Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Yesterday's Class...

 Because it's Thanksgiving time of year, we all brought in something for a pot luck lunch...and boy was it wonderful....suggestions were let's do this every class.

 Had to show the good food....Us Artist treat ourselves well.

 Joan's work.
 Mary Lynn's
 Dianne's from home, as of what's she's been working on.

 Nancy's in progress because she's got an exhibit at the Woodridge Library now so all her work she's made in class has gone of a few at the end.

 Martha's ..
 A few more of Martha's...and we miss Elaine and Ginn...hope Elaine is enjoying you vacation  and Ginn hope all is well with you.
Nancy's work hanging at the Woodridge Library..

What a great Class...thanks everyone for practicing and practicing and being in the process.



  1. I think it is wonderful when artists come together and create together... even bringing food only adds to the creative connection.

  2. That's the truth....connections and belonging...needs we all want and can have.

  3. Nice big group with lots of own interests showing. Beautiful!


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