Wednesday, November 27, 2013

this is what happend

Funny as it sounds...this is what happened while I prepare to host the Thanksgiving Meal.   I want to apologies for my craziness but that would be goofy.  Understanding my own ways and working with them has no need for apologies.  Sound a bit big of myself ?  No not at all, I would call it using my skills wisely.   I love to make these collage & Coptic stitch journals and I've heard many ask about them as of "Laura I would like to learn how to make them."  So no fancy skills but more with imperfection and character that they come alive.   Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery has given me the Green light to move forward on a 1 day workshop...I'm really excited.  So excited I was thinking of how to get the husband to make me the bookbinding cradles that's crazy cause I don't even know If I'll have a class or not. 

And there goes the Nature of my cycling....getting all geared up and ready, submitting and getting approval for dates and times then designing a flyer and getting a contract ready and launching it to facility I'll be working under....All between stitching two more journals together in the morning before and doing some baking and fudge making with my daughter in the afternoon.  It was a good time to be in the kitchen...holding back and advice giving, and not that my daughter needed it but the elder and young one scenario puts me in that spot sometimes and I let it rip...where I'm finding out being wise is about be a good listener.   Which I'm on the good path to least trying hard to be.

Well enough of the rambles Day before the big feast and this gal as a boat load of awesome stuff to do and feeling really grateful for it.

Sending prayers out for Tina my sister in Arkansas as she's need to get some medical help yesterday and found out she's has bronchitis...nasty but on the mend I hope.   She's a strong one and a fighter...and she's got a good man down there with her so things will be alright.


  1. Yay for you! Great idea. You will get lots of sign ups. I would sign up for this class if I lived closer. Okay... This would be a good online class, don't you think? Wink, wink.

    1. Oh Carol....I will just need to set a committed time slot and haven't opened that up yet....getting closer.

  2. This new font is hard for me to read. It's pretty, but tough on my eyes. (sound of rocking chair creaking)

    1. thanks for your response on it...I'm going to change it back...just needed to test the waters and found it not for me..

  3. Oh wow.. exciting! have fun by prepairing for this course!
    I made two coptic stitched bounded journals for myself just with the help of two different youtube videos...
    it was terrible .. had to stop and watch, stop and watch and so on...
    they turned out great but I decided to make no more of them because I can't manage this without watching this chance to remember how to start without watching....
    and that is frustrating for me I bind the journals now with my Bind it ALL..Shame on me!

    would really like to HAVE a teacher in a real class....
    maybe I would check this like knitting or chrocheting ....

    1. Oh, I've found some You tube video's too...especially when I needed to refresh myself... I had an independent class with a good artist friend and we sat all day and made one...and then I went home and that week made two more. So now with my own morning pages I use these journals all the time and with making now 8 of them this past week...I'm going to jump in and teach it...I helped out a while back with a room of over 25 with that gal that help me learn so decided to get the feet wet. I'm going to try to do a video of it. as I got a few more to make and thought I would show the starting and ending...but that's a plan...and not sure I can up hold promises.


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