Sunday, November 03, 2013

Nothing else matters

 After the way the Cd I have decided to have some issue or it was the laptop... so I made the choice to put some great soft meditative music on and do it myself...thinking all the way that I had wanted to move to the next level in the 4 disc. set but grateful I've done the disk one so many times that it came imperfect/perfect timing for this morning. A centering and balance had come over me and so I went into creating mode and bought the picture from yesterday.

 Creating the mess and being stuck in RAW moment I began...bits of paper every where. From the left to....
 Right I my element of dual creations...

 Stacking my torn paper rocks...with a back ground from a National Geo. magazine I brought.

 Pulled out my little watercolor know the ones you would give away as stocking stuffer or something. I find the come in handy for times like this. 
 Happy to see the little cakes in the one had black...hmmm just what I needed. Self expression of a moment that I so wanted to experience and be part of. Now I share it with you in a Real Awesome Wholeness.
and then just could help myself but had to whip up a little ditty here on the next page...done with all things good this morning to feed my well, soul and heart...


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    nice! interesting to see the process

  2. Liking the rocks!

  3. Me too!! I've heard the Rocks are the Grandfathers and they have many stories to the relations of all I guess that's way I enjoy rocks so much...loving the stories I'm hearing while I'm with them.


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