Thursday, November 14, 2013

Moving on...treated myself to a class...I became the student..

 Nancy S. A well know Printmaker, collage artist in the area gave a pop up class on Tuesday. Since my class was finished for the season till next year Nancy was able to put a class together and present it to us a short notice.  Here you see the Gelatin plates she make from the Knox gelatin. I've played with the other Geli plates but I wondering if they clean up as nice. 

 Nancy has some Palette sheet there taped to the table and we just used the craft paints nothing else. and rolled the color out on the palette and then on the gelatin plate. So cool.  As you can see using natural items are most welcome to this technique.

 She then had us lay some small paper down and just use our finger to rub over the back and then a tooth pick every so gentle to pull up the corner of the paper and lift it off. From that print you get a silhouette.

 Then the plant or object that is left there will leave a print and then you can get a Ghost of it with all the details from the leaf. But first lift up the leaf and then you lay another piece of paper down and rub the back gently and lift with the tooth pick and Go Oooo and Aaaaa.

 I came in around the corner here and snap a few picture so you could see the effect of this.

Here Nancy is just cleaning the surface of the home made gelatin plate with a little water and paper towel.  I found out that by laying a piece of paper over the whole thing and rubbing I could pick up the left over paint/ink on the surface, ended up with layers of left over color but great thing I wonder about this is if because the home made plate has the water in it does it allow for the moment extra to do it verses the Geli plate out there...the clean up nice but not like this does.  Well they last about two week Nancy said not that expensive to use if you can get the Geli plate they sell or if you are working with larger group you might want to do this and make up a few extra...I think it's on the package of the Knox gelatin package...

After we finished the printing we folded the papers and made some great simple books and a star book too.  Great afternoon... Watch at Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery this coming year for a 4 week class with many other paper Nancy will that will use Shaving cream...too

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  1. Hmmm. I've got an old box of Knox in the pantry.


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