Monday, November 11, 2013

Life always give you Opportunities to go back to school....

So many thinks I want to ramble about mostly because of my fresh observation of it and it's kind of cool to make some new connections or Aha moments.

I rambled a bit on facebook about it all but I'll go into a bit more detail here.

Some of you have heard me talk about putting my apron on and how I feel,  it curbs my anxiety, makes me feel secure. and it's the rattiest looking apron. I've had it now for about 12 years and it's caked with polymer and paint and what every else I was working with. Well that feeling helps me be present for the studio. Kind like, it shuts off all other stuff and now it's time to tune in and turn on the creativity.

So with the weather getting cooler I pulled out Hanks Jacket. The one I had special order to fit him..which my dyslexia helped me measure it wrong so it's a bit tight...Well I put it on him and his spike collar.  I know not all like this spike collar but it works, and I've had to many dogs and not one of them did we cause damage I'm aware of that.   So were are ready to go to the dog park. 

I've been practicing also about not jumping right away out of the Transit and doing the mad dash to what every is moving out there or the first bush.  I'm making them wait and their still on their leashes. Carl loving elder...We get past the point where dogs can be unleashed and I let them off.

Walking around the dog's always a delight for me too. So many dogs. I had wanted Hank to run off some of his energy so when we walked the neighborhood afterwards he would be less excited.

So all is good talking with people there and of course I ramble on about my issue of Hank on the Leash to these Men folk...and the ask how I'm going to do this...and I ramble on about Cesar Milan's I'm so expert...and they just smirk about it...You know men folk kind of full of pride and not willing to see other ways could help.  This one gentleman had a stuff toy tyed to the leash for his dog so it helps distract him... Wasn't sure how that was going to help, but how am I? a poor soul trying to change her dogs behavior.

So we wander around and then I get the idea...or shall I say the Idea comes flashing in..."put Hank on a leash now and walk him around with the other dogs not?   So with out hesitations I do this...and I walk with him and then we stop and watch...Carl my elder four legged one is just faithfully following and happy, as long as Hanks not stepping on him he's good.   The thing I learned from watching the Dog Whisper is that then need to smell,  and use their noses. 

So then we walk into a crowd...of dogs, me commanding Hank to stay in place as we stop...theirs a bit of a growl but I have to say at the point I wasn't thinking about anything but the moment.  The other dogs came to him and smelled him first...amazing...I remember watch on the Dog Whisper how he makes the one dog with issue be allow to be smelled by the pack.   Right then letting the good know he wasn't going to be hurt...part of the deal. 

Now me I was changed instantly by this my whole attitude going into this was again, " Mind set was, "this is a job I'm to preform and I expect this dog to behave a certain way and I'm the one he listen to."  Which with is whole ordeal is exactly what Hank was doing. Watching a looking at me.  Not treats just commands and tough love. 

We/I decided to leave and put Hank back on the leash ahead of the time to practice walking...and there was a great opportunity to do it...a Laberdoodle was coming across the bridge. That meant we would have to walk by him on the bridge.  My personal fear would kick in and I just know we would have a major issue..."CoJo" would come out.  But this time it was different...I didn't have that in fear has left me and we did it with out a tug on the collar just me saying "Heal" and slight affection afterwards with a Good boy Hank...lets walk...and we walked but with grace another two dogs running around without any long from Hank to do an goofy behavior...

I learned that I had to get my mind straight first...I had to be willing to change. I had to let go of pride and ask for help...I did with my neighbor but I also jumped back on the horse so to say and got back in the arena to face my fear.  It's not so much about control or breaking the spirit of an animal but it's about respect, foundries that lead so an awesome feeling of freedom and Hope.

Well then I came home and walked the neighborhood and we had an opportunity to be close to another dog and Hank looked but I just gave one tug and said Heal and we kept walking...and he keep looking up at me as to say Ok I'm not sure what's going on but I'm looking to you for guidance on this I would normal go all CoJo but I'm not and unsure but your going to guide me through...and that's just what we did.

Just the beginning of a new dance I will be doing with Hank...but for now we will put the jacket on and walk like it's a job and with purpose...and continue the training...I really think the jacket is for me not Hank...I have to admit that. So it's working why question it..

Now to head to Class this morning Week Three, Recovering a Sense of Power...which with out realizing it I've experienced it with this. 

To check in with my artist the tail end of this...My Morning pages have been every day. But they've been randomness with shouts of ideas and straying off on other people lives and what they should be doing only to be brought back to ask myself what should I be doing in my own life?  No artists date this week...but have a few planned for this week.


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  1. Glad to hear that Hank is tuned in to you. Many dogs get protective of their owners when on leash, and the neighborhood they walk becomes their own territory. Keep up the good work!


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