Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Last class today- Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery

We've been all working very hard at learning to layer and cover over  some parts and push back others. Takes practice, and allow not every piece or section to be so perfect and sacred. I have to admit there are time when I even have a hard time but with this giving medium of acrylic and layers of polymer you can put in on and wipe it off with a damp rag or a baby wipe.  Rolling on acrylics with a sponge roller and then scribing in to the surface revealing underneath the color hidden. One of the biggest lessons learned for me about this process is not everything needs to be seen at the same level...hints of an image all we may need to allow our imagination to wonder.  As the artist we can give that to the viewer. Working with the value of color and the contract of it also add in the excitement of all the layers. Butting up a light with a dark helps each element stand out.
Well best get going I've got some Guacamole dip to make. We're having a pot luck kind of lunch today...Looking forward to it! 


  1. That is really fun, feels like a circus!

    1. not sure what is at this point...as I we all were practicing the layering.


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