Saturday, November 16, 2013

Brown Paper Bag Collage with video's

 Ok here you go....I working with Niles High School right now with one of the art teacher there on a project for March 2014 and with the Brown Paper Bag  I for the Pack the Pantry Project...I just carried my design over to a project to do with the students...this will be great because of April's Earth Day and all and recycling and use of found papers and making them into piece of art.
 You can see the video's here.
Brown Paper Bag Collage Step 1

Brown Paper Bag Collage Step 2

Brown Paper Bag Collage Step 3

Brown Paper Bag Collage Step 4

I know some of the video's are be lengthy so bare with me...I'm learning and wanted to get the whole process in for the teacher...still working on this and not sure if it will all work out. Love a good challenge just hope I can pull it off with them...could be about 40 students. "Yikes" but I have time to prepare...and get my game face on and gig together on this...



  1. Very nice videos. Beautiful collage. I love the way it looks on the brown paper bag. Was the lack of sound on the fourth video intentional? I really liked the way you explained the whole process in the first three parts. Also it's good that you did not try to add music as some videos do. It can be a big distraction. Thanks for posting these!

    1. Hi Lisa....Yes, your question I did cut the sound on the last video. I was really rambling up a storm talking to myself as I was working and seen I really was just taking the tap off so it really didn't matter much and I could speed up the process of watching. I've done both with the sound and with have to make sure you have permission to use other's music...Like images there's copyright free music you can you too. which I have on other video's...just exploring the new area of video's myself so I'm a journey to do a whole lot of trail and errors...which is fun and later I can laugh at myself and think back where I started...not that I'm all that but just kind of need to see progress in any form. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. oooooooooo ... can't wait to watch! Having early company, but later on today! Beautiful bag!

    1. Nothing special April...but it's always fun when I get a idea and I can run with it...

  3. They are super, Laura! I enjoy all of your videos, like you explain, to watch you working and how the pieces get transformed. I also like your humorous remarks on the subtitles.
    I can't comment there (in youtube) anymore without opening a google + account. (I actually closed it, for that very reason of compulsory methods), but I am subscribed to your channel.

  4. Oh Thanks Ke, isn't it the rat's can't do anything with out hooking to something and trailing on with connecting with some other site...I totally understand...I have to educate myself and find the best video base I can some day..right now that one slip in and I get it as of understand how to simple use it with just pushing a few buttons.

  5. Wonderful! Thank you Laura! I actually enjoy the new video series...


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