Thursday, November 14, 2013

Finished up a few Demo Pieces....

As her body moves... 8 x 8 collage I started this at the Town and Country Demo Last Friday. This is a bright piece with the orange and red.. kind of cool next to the light blue.

This abstract landscape I started in my last class at Naperville's The Art of Layering in Collage as a bonus I through this quick lesson in on how to make them....Can you see the hidden book pages under the stained tissue paper?

 Now that the Studio Job is done it's  time for the Homestead Clean up Job. Then the dinner hour.

I'm also preparing for a Holiday Art Bazaar coming up at 4 Art Inc. Gallery Dec 14th...

 Some of my Tack down Tuesday's that haven't found a home I've moved from the mat to a wood panel surface...this way they can be hung right on the wall...being I love the square it's not so easy to find the frames so that means a custom one would be needed.  There's some preparation on my part to
get them ready to hang on the wall.

                                   Nice wood panels will have wire and strap hangs on the back.

With working on finishing  the demo's and my Standing Tall piece, there went the good part of the day...break for lunch with my youngest daughter and as I said before now the Homestead needs got to stop creating in this fashion and move on to the cleaning. 


  1. I love how professional the wood panels look. I noticed a dark line on the side panel near the art work. Was your work done on thin panels first or did you paint this line? Also, how to you attach the paper artwork to the panel surface and get it so flat? Beautiful work. I so enjoy reading your blog posts.

  2. Hi Kathy...Thank you for stopping in and read my daily babble...I'll share more about the panel today.

  3. The bright is integrated perfectly into your work! Beautiful!


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