Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brown Bag Art....and Recovery with a new job

this piece of art done on a Brown bag is for "If These wall Could Talk" Auction coming up.  I need to drop it off by November 17th.  I need to figure out how to add some hang hardware to the back. Sure you can hang it from the handle but I feel the handle is part of the art piece and needs to stand alone and not have the tension from hanging placed upon it.

I started this in my last class at Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery last weekend and finished it up yesterday.  Hung out in my studio writing up some description for classes coming up and possible job opportunities...Always interviewing....putting myself out there and see what happens.

Now with my drama of my loving gentle giant, Hank....I've walked him a lot since we've had him about three years now and this past summer I slacked off and got involved in other things pertaining to my art and also just what ever life was giving me. But now with the incident with the biting another dog I've giving my attitude a reality check and need to look at what's going on and make some changes.  I've talked with my neighbor who is up on the dog behavior and she has offered to help me with this the mean time while we haven't set up a time to start...I've giving myself the job of a Dog Walker. My mind set is this,  "I'm walking this dog for these people and I expect this kind of behavior from this dog as we walk...commands are given and we walk proudly down the roads of our neighborhood.  Though we've  not encounter any dogs that pass us across the other side of the road so...small steps. My fear- when we come in contact with the other dogs across the road as we walk by side by side is where the work needs to be done.  Me I need to be trained and work on how I react to the situation. 

So I would like to set up a date to work with Mrs. Frank and Penny her dog.  With all this happening this week and finishing up classes, dropping off work, presenting a demo and getting ready for more classes with writing description...homestead stuff, bills, yoga I have to rearrange my personal schedule to fit a very important job back into my schedule...Which in all, I do love to walk the neighbor and see the community too. My kids think I'm all making this up how Hank behaves...but let me tell ya, I'm not lying.    What gets me is how so easily I want to denial all  of this and get another goofy...trying to fulfill a mothering need. Thankful for the husband when he say No, no more dogs...(which he love them too but knows we got a handful)

So off to the dog park to let the house pony to run around and get extra energy out and then home to do some morning walking and on to preparing for my Artists Way Class..

I have to say ideas were just rolling out on to the page.   I'm writing this out.."I'll make some more Coptic stitch journals, some artwork on the panels, and then I want to try to make some more on the brown bags and continue my horse series, and figure out how to put grommets in the roof felt paper so I can use that as a surface to collage on.....and.......all in one day...I have morning like this where ideas flood my soul and I wish I had time to get them all done in one day...but totally impossible.  I'm so grateful I get a chance to bring some of them forth and work on others. Rambling I know...just dealing with life as it comes and make the best of it... 


  1. Really lovely bag, Laura! I love how well the blues and browns go so well together. Did you do the main piece separately and then attach it to the bag and add more details?

    1. Hi Gina,
      I put a layer of gesso on the bag first and had it taped off to give it a nice boarder...and then started collaging or Tacking Down the collage papers..then I had a few spots that the gesso came under the tape so it lead me to work the outer edge of the brown bag...I let it come to be what it is...practicing my Wabi Sabi in my art...letting the imperfect be perfect.

  2. I love this bag!
    Wishing you the best for the new job with Hank Laura!

    have a good new week!

    1. Thanks so Much Susi... and Paint brush High five to you and a good week.


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