Friday, October 11, 2013

Universal Ocean of energy

Life is a channeling of energy from one from to another. Our journey is without beginning, as it is without end. All emerge from, exist by and return to the Universe.

Questions Taro Gold asks Obaa-San...
How did the Wabi Sabi masters view the purpose of life?
Where do we come from before we're born?
What happens when we die?
Does prayer make a difference?
What is the ultimate truth of the universe -from your perspective from the Wabi Sabi perspective?

Some heavy question to ask a grandmother while on a three week visit...but Obaa-san shares her thoughts and says I hope you will always look to yourself for the answers as well.

There is an anthem of life", she began, "a harmony of Universal Energy that permeates everything. It is the orchestration of pure freedom, joy, and creativity-the rhythmic energy of life itself. The more we align ourselves with the this rhythmic energy, the more freedom, joy, and creativity flow through our lives.

This Essential energy of which Obaa-san spoke is familiar to us all. Depending  on where and how we were raised, we may attempt to describe this indescribable reality as Jehovah, God, Allah, the Creator, or perhaps Truth, Brahma, Tao, or the Middle Way.  Whatever the expression, all refer to the same progressive force that give rise to everything.

We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want.- Lao Tzu

When we align our intention with those of the Universe, with the flow of life's rhythmic energy, our life naturally moves toward our noblest Dreams. -Obaa-san

The first Wabi Sabi Masters taught that "emptiness" is the ultimate reality of the Universe. Emptiness as they saw it is at the core of everything.

Quantum Science tells us that the structures of atoms that compose our bodies(and our homes and the forest and all things) are, in fact, 99.999 percent empty.

Buddhist scriptures informed the Wabi Sabi masters that this emptiness is filled with energy, and this energy give rise to all existence. Since energy is eternal, they proposed, everything in the Universe must also be eternal.  Although the ancient sages had no way of proving this today we know that the amount of energy in the Universe is indeed constant, and although energy can be channeled into different forms, i can never be created or destroyed.  Energy simple is.

Obaa-san explains... it is hidden energy with in emptiness that give rise to all. Everyone and everything are constantly moving either toward or away from the state of emptiness. We can also think of this as moving between existence and nonexistence. In other words, life and death are not to states but different aspects of the same state.

As the waves are individual expression of the ocean, so are we individual expressions of Universal energy. When a wave is born, we see its physical from as it charges along, connected to but different from the ocean. when a wave dies, we can no longer see it, as it's physical form returns fully to the ocean from where it came. We are as waves on the Universal ocean of energy.  

Of the infinite evolutions of Universal energy, human beings are special. we are unique in our power of consciousness and free will to write our own script. to plot out own course, to direct our own destiny. We have the ability to mold our intentions and desires to influence the essence of rhythmic energy that flows both inside and outside ourselves.

Grandmother shares...Our intentions are the roots of our desires, and our desires are the sparks of our actions. The more closely we align our intentions with those of the Universe, the more positive and beneficial our actions become.  The more we focus our intentions to increase freedom, joy and creativity for ourselves and others, the more wholly our dreams will be realized. When circumstances in life seem to be moving in the wrong direction, that's a good time to self-reflect and refocus our intentions toward greater freedom, joy and creativity. 

There are many methods.. as individuals, Obaa-san shares...Prayer, meditation, mental and physical exercises. Personal Obaa-san Chants each day which helps here master her thought, words and deeds.  Whatever the method works best for you use it to align your actions with your most compassionate intentions. Do so and you will find everything you need to unlock your deepest happiness, manifest your greatest strengths, and fulfill you noblest wishes. You will have awakened to the power of the Universe within.

"God has no Religion" - Mahatma Gandhi

Having patience with all things, but chiefly with yourself. Have courage in considering your own imperfections and instantly set about improving yourself. Every day begin anew. -Saint Francis De Sales

My stone today is "Make Art"  when I pulled it out of the bowl this morning I said isn't that what I've been doing...all week is make art.  but really I've been working with a method of prayer for myself and this is a sign to go continue that I will... got some running around to do...ran out of Q-tips and that's a must in our homestead and I've got to go to the bank and straighten out some issue there and swing by the post office, mail out a calendar and my bills.  Thankful that they are paid again for another month...don't want to take that for granted these days.

I spent the afternoon out side away from the computer...I had wanted to continue my inventory process I stared but I needed to disconnect yesterday...time to go make up the back door of the studio and let Sophie run along the deck railing and pretend she's some " Wild Kitty."

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