Sunday, October 06, 2013

Let go of Perfect

Serena Barton

One never knows how there going to be lead do they.....

My stone this morning is "Let go of Perfect"   Now what is that all about.  Having some problems with my internet provider this morning and not really happen about but going with the flow on that.

I have  a few more things to share....Wabi-Sabi works is about experimenting and interactiveness. Not something we learn in school and college...getting to the end result and the feeling of having to do it perfect because a grade is attached to it...Rather than planning out a piece before it's created, one might work with the materials and let them lead the way. Making lots of mistakes and having lots of accidents...which through that is process and process is the reaction one strives for in the creative process.  A bit of Serena's works and my own understand...

In Serena's Wabi-Sabi process she embodies both the less is more as much as "more is more concept. The simplicity of composition with complexity of layering.

sharing more: Wabi-Sabi is like a garden that is some what over grown. Wabi-Sabi is subtle; it doesn't hit you over the head. It's mysterious and complex. Creating Wabi-Sabi work is freeing -there are no real mistakes and no wrong way to do it. The process of interaction with you materials in an open and exploratory way is as important as the finished product.

Serena says: The more you can remain in the process, the more you'll enjoy the pieces you make. One of the lovely paradoxes of art is that the more we play and experiment and don't try too hard to get a certain result, then more satisfied we are in the end, when we view what we've created.

“Simply put, Wabi-Sabi is the marriage of the Japanese wabi, meaning humble, and sabi, which connotes beauty in the natural progression of time. Together, the phrase invites us to set aside our pursuit of perfection and learn to appreciate the simple, unaffected beauty of things as they are.” gather from this

and then I stumbled upon this site...loving the colors, objects and yes the imperfectness that makes it so right...

So off to do what ever today...spent my morning tending to self...morning pages, yoga before the family folks woke up and now sharing with you all.  "to my letting go of Perfect stone today..."

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