Monday, October 07, 2013

it's found right where we are.....

Seek always to progress rather then to perfect.

The wish to improve life is real and attainable, but the desire for a perfect life -the perfect home, the perfect health, the perfect job, the perfect love, whatever it is-is the desire for something nonexistent.

Unfortunately, the hard-to-escape barrage of "perfect" images in the media would have us believe otherwise. We all know the marketing mythology. Buy this perfect product, get that perfect life. Unattainable ideas are everywhere we turn.

Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget you perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack in everything That's how the light gets in.  -Leonard Cohen

The Truth is that we are already perfect as we are: perfect imperfect, that is. For all the positives in our lives, we will always have negatives, too. It's a delicate balancing act: With out the negatives in life the positives will lose their value. 

With all the good we encounter in life, there will always be at least a bit of bad, just as we will always find a piece of fortune in the misfortune when we are close enough. Why does the universe work in this mysterious way?  Maybe because flaws and mishaps are great stimuli for growth and creativity.

It's how DNA, penicillin, aspirin, X-rays, Teflon, nylon, cornflakes, Coca Cola, and chocolate chip cookies came to life...mind-opening trails of heart and soul that lead us to our greatest personal discoveries. 

From the commonsense insights of Wabi-Sabi, we learn that it's not despite our problems but because of them that our hearts hold everything we need to be joyful. We come to see that where we what to go in life is forever found right where we are. 

If any of you have been follow my rambling over the years...know that I'm a flighty one and grab on to something's for a moment or I latch on to it like a dog to a bone and savor every minute of what I'm experiencing...I think this might be one of those moments... Latching on that is...My gathering/shared words- this morning came from a book, "Living Wabi-Sabi: The true beauty of your life"...I've got a few more coming in through Amazon that I want to read or latch onto...

Just like the art I in a tear, a tug or a straight forward cut, fused and veiled with a hint of color, in it's imperfect emotional state....I'm intrigued by it and want to see where it leads.

I plan on creating a piece this afternoon and launching it tomorrow morning...with a few other rambles..not sure what this days visual journal/tack down will bring.

Now I've got to read up on The War of Art for my book club this morning...


  1. Thank you for that lovely message. It's just the thing I needed today. I love your blog and your work.

  2. Hi Ingrid, thanks for stopping by.


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