Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Full Day of Paper making for out Layered collages in a few weeks.

 The room is nice and big to fit all 13 of us. Already papers are drying on the floor. Joan Mary Lynn, Dianne, Bonnie, Patty in this picture.

 Joan, Sanding a Nat. Geo. paper with on of the Cedar Canyon Textile plates.  Creates some great designs on the paper. A bit of color is added to the surface and then it soaks in to the papers. 
 Dianne has a stencil under her magazine paper and is sanding also.

 Ginn...our little sick one today, I hope she feels better...she stuck it out for a long time...I could see she wasn't up to par...then she left after the last Demo. 

 Busy with heads down...making color choices.

 Roberta and Sally are working on some gesso textured papers and adding color to them.

 Elaine is applying color and subtracting some off...making that personal choice on what would be the best.
 With out stepping on any papers here, I snapped a shot of them.  Color is starting to explode.

 I walked by and couldn't resist a quick photo of this luscious Green...like a Granny Smith Apple.

 Sally is using a shaper to subtract color from the surface of the drawing paper.  One color goes on, let it dry and then another color over could be darker or lighter and you scribe into the surface and pull and push acrylics around and you have a paste paper effect.

 Maureen is applying a layer of acrylic/polymer to the white lunch bag I think ?
 Martha and Elaine are working on their White lunch bags too.. Adding and subtracting as you go.

Oh the Red and Blue...and bit of peach here... my sample paper with some stamping. 

Was a good long class today, everyone should sleep well, including myself...I had a few pictures of Bonnie and Patty, but the came out so blurry...they travel in from WI, every week. They will be really tired when then get home. 

Thanks everyone for a the great class...now to get the acrylics off out hands...little warm soapy water and a scrubby pad and some hand cream we should do well. 

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