Friday, October 11, 2013

Dare I ?

Dare I ?
8 x 8 Collage on watercolor paper,

After the feeling of powerlessness that came over me I dare move forward and allow any kind of fear to take charge and I'm still trying to trust that it will be OK.   My website was hacked and I know I've shared that already but it's Change that the's not like it was at all. And even Blogger has some issue with my as I come through Internet Explore...I can't access in my dashboard the posts, pages, even lay out.  So I've had to come from Firefox and I can get in to all funny.  Nothing stays the same always in constant change.   So I did my yoga and went right to the creative process afterwards.  So many things...Dare I use Red so much...Dare I change directions?  Dare I continue a bit longer on my inner journey of the Wabi Sabi book and what happening. I going to say I move forward not sure where but it' better then sitting in oh poor me.... I'm just so thankful that I can create and move through things with art and creating art.   Thought not all people that view this will get it and but it's about my process that most important and what it allows me express.. if others get so be it and if you don't so be it...will it stop me...No.... Dare I ? 

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