Saturday, October 26, 2013

Collage workshop, Dog park and Horses

Had a different kind of morning, after a some good coffee talk with the husband, he wanted to go to the dog part with our Hank and Carl.  I was shocked he doesn't always want to do that, he spend his days out side all the time so go out on a cool morning with the dogs... Let's say I jumped on that with him and he got to see all these different kinds of dogs and how Hank is out there with them all. We saw Roman, he's a black dane about 170'lbs... and  6mo. Blue gal and a older brindle color dane...Oh I want another one more to buddy up with Hank...but when reality sits in I just don't have the room to do that...but I can still want.   It was good start to the day.

Reflecting on my Workshop for the Illinois Art Educators when well.  Lets say I gave 100% and time was not on our side...Never enough time to work these short workshops out.  We did well and if I didn't have Nancy's help...I'm not sure I could have pulled it off...anyways they got a taste of collaging in the style that I do and found out some of the teachers aren't to far away so I do hope I see them again.

After I finished up and got all packed, I went back to Danada Eq. Stables.
 There's a few Grey Mares out there but this one I feel has been my gal I've been inspired by for my horse collage lately. The pasture their all in is close to the barn this time and it's amazing to see them all there. You know I didn't even count how many horse they have there...does it matter?  No

 Nick here is a Appaloosa/Clydesdale,  we was moving all over the place looking for the tasty greens.
 Then a plunk sound came from behind us both....kind of startled us and I looked and didn't see anything.  This happened again and then it dawned on me the Black walnuts are falling out the trees and the thud of the big greenish brown nut could be making the sound.  After about four times of this sound Nick didn't seem to startled any more. but I caught picture just as he was holding his head up from being startled.  Most of the time you didn't see anyone's head up...the were busy having lunch.

 Something startled the geese and they took flight and up they went and circled around and over me.  What I really now is the Geese are always in the pasture just on the other side of the horses...could it be that it's  pasture that was grazed and the greens are nice and short, safe as of no tall stuff for fox or coyote to hide in.  Well that's a thought I was thinking as I'm writing this out now.
 And here is horse I think is Captain Morgan,  going on memory and instinct on this...

At this point I walked back in to the barn and was escorted by the Barn Cats as I walked around. And I found on of the Barn hands and asked her about Captain Morgan and if he was out there...and I said I think I saw him but I wasn't sure.  She said he's the one with the back white socks. And when she said that I know that was him...Once he lifted his head and I could see his face... I shared with her that I came when he was in a pasture by himself and then another time in the stalls.  She shared that One of that fella's that as the top banana out there in the herd was adopted out and then another guy...I think Merlin stepped up and Captain Morgan was thinking about the same thing so the were a few weeks of some adjustment and it's still going on but not as bad...their not sure who's the big Kahuna out there.
When I spent some time with a New Elder we chatted about Relationship and how there are some many different and difficult ones. Makes me think now it's always going to be too even in nature, which were are a big part of,  there's the need to adjust and re-adjust. Well now I'm babbling a way here.. but I did really enjoy my workshops, and artist date.  I did even slip in a in and out moment at Blick Art Materials too.
Now all supplies are put away and getting ready for Artist Way reading and preparing for class.
I was going to go in to great detail about the artist dates but I think, I'll pass now...and just share that the artist date is for me to reconnect to the things that I along like and enjoy and give me a lift and a special aspect to my life.   Will I draw, collage or doing more about the horse?  don't know but I do know I came home and vacuumed, dusted, put laundry away and did up the dishes and felt really good. The strength I feel with in myself is kind wild lately, hard to describe.

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