Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cause and Effect -Karma

Cause and Effect, Karma
8 x 8 collage on canvas,

I started this one after doing yoga and then had to get ready to head into the city to attend the CAC's 20/20 Knowing Your Market & How to Reach them.

Not sure if that really came across in as how to reach them but what I gathered is if you keep true to you mission about your creative works then you are able to share a part of yourself that people can connect with.  Share the really you and before you know it you will connect with the right people to help you reach others...  Sure blog, facebook it and what every else you can do...that's the point thought find what works for you and stick with it to see where it will take you and then change as needed in degrees and keep on going on.  I'm sure there was more but this is want I gathered. 

Than I came home and finished this piece up...I let go of how they were to turn out and let it happen, falling back on old ways of creating and just being in the moment. 


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