Saturday, October 19, 2013

Call for Quiet

Been changing some things lately, for one it's my thinking, you know the  bigger picture again. Yesterday I took a different approach to the day. 

Got a morning walk in...connected with tiny woman walking doing her centering. She was so dear and cute.

Before...I would fret about the evening and totally focus on it all day and how will I look and what will I say and will I do it right ?  Let me tell you there would be a major quarrel going on in my head about this plus more.
Self-Judgment...steaming from trying to be perfect.

but yesterday...I let go if it...
Tended to things and checked them off the list...I know haven't gotten rid of the list yet...don't think I every will.  Lost it a few times and kind of panic... and remembered it was just a piece of paper, Telling myself, "gosh woman you'll survive."

But then I wanted to try yoga in the afternoon so it was mean to be. Calmed and centered me.  Took a shower and was ready to hit the road into the city (5:30pm) Again I traveled alone, getting use to it. The Husband (still working) would have had fun there but the ride in...I think I would have needed to be darted or dart him (our inside joke...darted like they would an animal to knock them out.)  while I listen to his road thankful I go alone...calmly drove in...crawling there at 10 miles per hour, found out a accident happened. Made sense...

I was totally amazed at my state of being....socialized with other artist and seen my work hanging the walls in 4 Art Inc gallery and they look great, forgot to get a picture share. Any way's I felt so at peace and comfortable and self accepting of myself...I don't think I've felt that ever...well I probably have but didn't realize it as much as I was aware of it yesterday.  Darn I say I was present in my day...and it was awesome...Going try to working at this to do the homestead bills and some writing, call for quiet today.

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