Friday, October 25, 2013

Artists Date

I slipped in a quick artists date at the Danada Equestrian Stables. I had hope to walk the stables and see the horse in the stalls because it was so cool out.  But no, only three were in their stalls and one male gray came to the stall opening and took a big smell of me and let me rub his jaw...had a black and white cat walk with me the whole way through too... Like my Sophie.

 Driving over to the Stables....I was thinking Oh I wished some could come with that I could share this with...but I remembered an artists date is for alone to experience and refill my person image well of ideas.  As I walked out to search for  all the horse I wondered where path outside the pasture would lead...would it lead all the way around and how long would it be? Questions and think...hmmm taking a bit of a risk here...I can do biggie but those are thoughts that were whirling around in my head...Beside filling the well of person images, to carry around with me I also am taking on the explorer mind and venturing out.  Nothing to scary but it is taking an adventurous risk.  which then can give you confidence later on...Well that's my thoughts on it all.  Grazers in this picture but on the four legged kind...more so the winged kind.  Still is amazing to see the masses.

 As I walked around the pasture I seen where the all were. The furthest pasture there was.  All  content grazing way.
I stuck it out for while and watched there behavior,  how a big dark, dark black male put his ears back and walk thought the group to the other side...what an attitude he had, no one was really paying attention to him...kind of fun...I seen him as the bull of the crowd out there...but maybe that's the body language to say do bother me I'm walking by and I won't bother you. Who knows is interesting to me to watch...fills my well.

Well I want to share more on Artists Dates but this gal has a job go do...Presenting today for the IAEA and so darn excited about it to.


  1. Laura, I've never commented before but have to tell you that I look forward to reading your blog most every day. I feel compelled to comment today to ask two questions. First, there seems to be something sitting on the fence post in the middle of your first photo of the corral. I can't make it out so can you tell me what it is? The other is something that surely fills my well and that is when a flock of twenty or so Canada geese fly about ten feet over head. Have you ever experienced that? It is one of the many thrilling experiences of nature, I think, and I always run toward the possibility of experiencing it again when I can. Thanks for your wonderful blog and sharing so much with all of us. Liz

    1. Hi Liz,

      Thanks so much for sharing, I know I have a few keep an eye on me and keep me real. As for what is on the fence I had forgot to share, It's a Red Tail Hawk...thought that was pretty special as they usually don't let you come that close. I found there was a squirrel and a bush full of sparrow that he/she must have been spying on for a little tasty tidbit.

      As for the filling the never guess what picture I got....yesterday...I'll share it but it's a awesome feeling to witness. I think one of my favorite movies was Fly away home...

      again thanks for you comment and stopping by.
      Peace to you~

  2. Such a beautiful place. So peaceful among the horses.

    1. So much so Doris I went back the next day and to my surprise the horse were in a pasture right up front so got some good shots of them all eating...


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