Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why is it ....

When you're doing one thing you want to be really doing something me?   I question that.
Heading off to present a two day, two hours each day workshop for the Junior High students in Addison Indian Trail School...I packed ready and all I need is my apron and I'm secure in my element but I'm longing to be by the horses in the stable or watching out in the pasture.....I so need to start this series I've been jammering about...enough talk- time for action......but it will have to wait as other adult obligation have to be met first...darn I go stomp off and so the next right thing for the moment.

I don't have any video's or photo's to share today but I do have some things that tugs at my heart.  I had about 15 student's to work with and a good group too...they listened intently to may babbling and instruction, stayed on task and moved along. Only problem is I need to call all 6 pieces of paper today from 15 way would we be able to do that...they start on time at 3:00 and went through 6 different papers with limited supplies because of our time and clean up but I think they got the main idea...

So I'll do my Yoga in the studio and start coating papers and hopefully have it all ready by 1:00 and packed to go. 

I'm learning that I have to let go of a lot of the things I would like to do with them and just touch the basics....hard to do but I think they will get the concept as best the can... The junior high still get 9 weeks of art, home Ec. music and computer, rotating around so that's good...Next workshop like this will before for the teachers at the Ill Art Educator Conference in October...that should be fun...maybe 30 teacher...might be my biggest and fastest workshop every....what a challenge. 

Bust a slow move into a fast groove this morning.


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