Saturday, September 07, 2013

Time.....showing it?

 I'm in my studio now and working on this piece...  I have to admit though it was a wonderful event for a good cause, I am out of my element when I go to these huge events, The Gala of the Arts.  I came home so late...11:30 which is two and half hours past my bed time and I didn't sleep well.  Up early cause I just don't sleep in and feeling down right ugly and disgusted with myself.   Knowing that these feelings aren't truth and knowing not to allow them to take over,  I'm so grateful I can come to the studio and create this away.  That's why I stopped now because it's passed...As they say, "This too Shall Pass"  and so grateful for that.  To counter balance myself, and this is were I relate to the information in the book "Quiet" about being able to know what to do when an Introverted person has to put themselves in an environment that is not their element and how to take care of that to balance things it's the woods or to create.  This morning creating was calling big time.   Happy to say I did help out and sold a piece of artwork out of my bin to a wonderful couple. Come to find out the Husband of this couple is a Teacher in the arts and his job as an art teacher got cut...still teaching but man that's a slap in the hard not to take it personally. I understand schools are a business and the need the $ to run but at the expense of the next generation, come on this is where corporations and administrations get all F'd up in their thinking and like some criminal steal education for our young ones for the mighty $. Here's where my panties get in a wad and I don't feel comfortable at all about this Whole situation...I'll stop here or I'll be needing a chill pill.   

So with using my art to work through my own emotional state...I was thinking about the artist next to me in the booth, how she shows time...( by the way she sold a nice piece) Like a photograph, a snap of a picture of time...even though she used pastels it's still was a moment in time of the cityscape or Chicago river with all the buildings.  You can till by the atmosphere of the piece and the time of year etc. 

So as I'm creating this...which now I've stopped to write this all out, I was thinking how does an abstract artist show time or a collage artist such as myself.  And with asking this question what popped in my swirling head this morning was the relationship to the pieces of of unifying them with the glazing technique and shadowing the papers I create this illusion of time...all these elements in this piece of art have been together for some time, even though I'm just creating it.  They've weather some issues together or they've witness change...does that make sense?   Well to me it of my RAW moments...

Ok time to go pick up work at Mayslake from the Midwest Collage Society Exhibit...time does go by to fast....Then I might just hang outside and cut the lawn and be in life much good and grateful things happening the calm of the homestead chores are calling, keeping this gal grounded.

(also like the thunder shirt they have for dogs to help them deal with their anxieties...I know if I put my studio apron on I'm feeling safe.)

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