Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Winged ones from the Pow Wow yesterday...

I had tried to get the Bald Eagle but my photo camera with the glare of the sun and the my mastering of things lead to a really blurry photo so these ones worked out...just love the winged one...Predators of the day and night.

 The Red Tail seen around these parts and north, east and south of us.

 This little fella is a Screech Owl, I've seen likeness of this one on our side fence at night time.
 A young Short Ear Owl. love the way the small feather form around the eyes and the gal said it helps in hearing...
I remember hearing the word Buzzard and thinking of the Vulture but they are two different ones...this Buzzard is a Red Tail Hawk too but seen in the Western states which makes sense when you see them soring over you circle on the high winds.   got lucky with a straight on view there..

Was a wonderful place be educated about the old ways and fun for everyone...I know I truly enjoyed myself.  Sat for a long time watching the dancing going on and was educated about that too.

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