Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hump Day....

It's's the day of the week that I kind of hold dear for of tend to my needs and relax a bit.  After the Red Dot Studio Flip, I've not got totally back into my old grove. But I'm seeing that old groove may not be where I'm suppose to fit back into.  Wild to say without trying some things and events are standing at my opportunity door and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed as what to a day like today to hang out and just be present is a good one to help sort and pray about the next right steps or direction to take.

Begin Class at Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery, which for me is always a bit sketch at first till I get a good feel for the class/students and then go at...Pushed them hard to play hard, some thing us adults are not use to at all.  Always looking for the end result and making it good. Had to keep reminding them that it was an exercise and that we're meant to play and do things that really didn't matter. As I've heard many times.  You got to go to far so you know how far to go...No second guess just do it and do it afraid and see what never know you just might need to go there because if didn't you wouldn't know where it could lead you to learn more.

Well got to go do some writing of hard to do for me, and focus down on a workshop or a class that may or may not go in the future...but have to believe it will...staying in the half full portion of my cup is an act in itself. But I'm willing to do it.

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