Monday, September 02, 2013

Finding a dress...yikes

Well I went out yesterday and faced the challenge of trying on dresses.  My dear art tribe shared a dress with me but my daughter said Mom....that's good for I went to JCPenney went to there dress section and started looking...taking my what not to wear sense with me from the TV show and found a few. I don't like to try them on at all. I've had to many experiences doing that before but I Darned Greatly and did it anyways.

Now I have to go back and get the Orange Dress...I found a taupe and black, color block one that looks nice but the Orange dress really fits my personality better and I will match it up with some turquois jewelry.   I have one piece of art that has this in there so I'm hoping when I stand near my work at the Gala of the Art in the Grand Ballroom of Navy Pier it will be just fine.   Totally and I mean Totally out of my comfort zone but I was juried in and invited to be part of this event so it's a must do...

Heading for a morning walk in the woods...I need some woods medicine and then back to the video making and some computer works for the week and before you know Friday will be here and gone. 

Need to find some shoes too...rats all this dressing up...such a pain.

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