Friday, September 13, 2013

Afraid to Ask the Big Quesiton....Laura are you quitting?

While Maddie, my photographer daughter was home I had her snap a few
picture of me for publicity shots or promotional material. Grey is my new color...I get yelled at by my young female in the house but I love the grey in dress and me it's a balancing of the black and white in my life.

So the first day of the Red Dot - Studio Flip went well but there were some concern caring souls that asked the question....they didn't know quite how but I caught the hint.   Your not stopping doing what your doing are you?  I mean as an artist and all ? These two question seemed to be under few peoples breath and others asked it. 

No I'm not stopping being an artist or a collage artist or a teacher...I'm opening the door to the possibility of what enters and in order to do that I need to clear a path for that possibility in my life. 

I know I keep saying I'm not going to push myself as hard and do it all at the same time...though it's hard to turn things down...what is fore sure in this game of life is more opportunities are at the next turn.   I'm going to be open for them and see. 

Working at this when all I really wanted was a quick solution and have it all gone with a twist of my nose or something I'm not able to do that...wishing but I've just not got those kind of magical  of powers. So breaking things down and sticking with it has been the challenge...I'm always looking forward or moving forward to the next thing...Heck right now even through I'm in the middle of these Red Dot - Studio Flip I'm thinking of next week and the class I'm to teach and the workshop description I need to write I might not feel the full impact of this all right away.  Crazy...I'd make a hard boss and expect a whole lot out of my people...thank the good orderly direction I'm not...everyone would probably hate me with the whip cracking all over the place. 

So back to the topic of...Are you stopping or quitting?  No...just because I'm purging and sharing  things with other doesn't me I'm not going to create and be fact I'm so excited to start a new series...I feel like the race horse held back at the starting gate and everyone else has left but I'm still locked in...first things first I'm in need of tending to the things at hand and time will open up...I'll be visiting my White Mare at the stables and seeing how Captain Morgan is getting along with everyone there. 

To my delight I've practiced my beginning yoga CD now 4 times...and it feels so great and then did some relaxation moment on the carpet floor up there in the studio and just can't believe it...I've got space to be in where no one in the rest of the house cares to be but me...

Now to get a move on the morning and put on a sweater or sweatshirt as the temperature has dropped and we have fall like weather today. "YES"


  1. Beautiful photo, Laura! You've got a gleam in your eye...

  2. Laura, your photo looks terrific. I love the gray.

  3. Wish I could have made the sale. Books and paper. Two of my faves! Great photo btw.

  4. Thanks Mary and Lynn...My Maddie is pretty good at the photography, nice to have it in the family.


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