Saturday, August 03, 2013


Reconnection Universe: Within the Multiverse (the wherehouse of alternative universes), there is a universe wherein everyone and everything that is seen there is prepared and ready to merge with All That Is. In that universe, the merge has not yet taken place---otherwise these conversations would not need to take place. This is an example of the condition which is referred to as being "on the verge," or "waiting to be ready." Truthfully, if you are reading this page right now, you have entered (albeit temporarily) the Reconnection Universe. Many come and go here. It's like a Grand Central Station of Transformation.  In this universe, we are exploring the twin concepts of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality. Some think of it as a school.  But it is much more than that!  It is a UNIVERSE-ity, do you see?  A universe unto itself. 

Crazy...when you find things on the must be true if you found it on the internet right?  Well this morning I pulled my stone Reconnect.  I continued my morning pages and drank my coffee, the feelings of wanting to get back in to a old routine fell over me.  So I completed my three or so pages and got dressed and walked both my dogs and enjoyed the neighborhood with all it's changes that happen daily but if your not out there for a few months it looks so new. 

I came back dogs so happy and still excited that we went. I'm the alpha female in the homestead here and where mom goes they want to go to have them come with me on a walk was the  adventure of the day.

I filled my outside bird feeders and wiped off the patio table from the rain and put the umbrella.  It's almost like the outdoors was waiting for me...does that sound funny or what?  But I could hear the peacock crowing from the Arabian knights horse farm just down the street and the Flickers making their churring sounds way up high in the maple trees.  The Gold finches are in flight all over now gathering seed.

Reconnecting has been a recurring event for me lately as of reconnecting to nature more then ever with visiting the childhood memories of horse and riding on the backs of them seeing there wonderful huge bodies to the reconnection with my marriage and to some very old friends come this mid week...Reconnection with my oneness and all that multidimensionality that goes along with it.

I've been very blessed with all that has passed and that I've been allowed to venture into and out of the people I've met and the connections to a wholeness.

Well I'll leave my ramblings here and continue on my step in front of the other and see where this wandering will lead me. 

and that this point I can say thanks for the plan so far....not sure where it will led but I trust in it wholeheartedly.

(secretly I want to go back to the horse stables I was at and start drawing the horses...I've also have a cousin that lives out west a bit from me and has horse boarding all around that's another possibility.) Staying open for an artist date.

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