Sunday, August 04, 2013

Preparing for the week ahead

 I was able to finish carving the Linoleum sheet into this really great design of the spiral circles grouped together. It's purpose....good question not sure yet but it's ready to go. I love the extra marks from carving the linoleum sheet has when printing it.

 Between cutting and running to the market for the family and restocking the refrigerator and the pantry. I was able to get my creative art journal ready for Monday. It looks a bit funny now stand there all wide open but I had to let the pages that I glued together dry.

 Next step is to close the book back up now today and press them back into some kind of a form that looks like a book again. I had this ribbon left over from some collage paper a friend made me and I tied it around.
 Nice and tight it goes....and then by tomorrow when I open it up for class it will have relaxed some what back to a book instead of some fan object like it was before. 

Some day I want to be able to make journals like this...I love the feel of them and this one is Bison leather and has a few signature in there and the way it wraps around is awesome. When I hold it in my hand...I get all excited. Why I want to learn how is so I can get over my fear of using it...I'm purchase journal like this every once in a while hoping to use them but can't...and the site on the book shelves but maybe soon I'll learn...right now I've gather the books to learn how and understand the signature part just need to learn how to attach them all together... did it once in a class with Michelle Johnson way back when "Artful Gatherings" doors were still open, I so miss that place. Limestone walls and really awesome people that started it. Alice and Jim Chin...wishing them the best.

Well Midwest Collage Society has a meeting today and I've got to deliver the ribbons for the Reclamation show so our members can see if they have won an award.



  1. Love your new carved stamp! And your newest journal, it will be good to work in. I have started my second recycled book journal following your directions. I like the way my first one turned out.

  2. Great to hear Jan, Thanks working on a horse print now...


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