Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In process our Creative Art Jounals, Let there be color!

 Joan is working with a slide mount which these day's is like Old School to use...we've all gone to digital so any submission to show, events etc. they all want a image sent in via computer. So I had a whole box of this and brought them in to use for stencil or as a mini frame.

 Joan used the edge of the paper as a ruler...I know cause I watched her do it...so neet to be the teacher and see your student experiment and explore. Great effect Joan.
 Martha is enjoying the subtle marks of the paint brush she's getting here on our spread. A spread is when the two open pages of the book are in some way related to the other and you work the pages as a whole. One of the things I shared with the students today was that this is a safe place to respond or react to your own personal events, activities and life's wonders along with just making a mark you can react to that. Where else can you do that but in a creative reaction to something. Good/bad it doesn't matter it's a place of working things out with the written word to the texture and scribing being made.
 One of the new fun things these days in the art world is to make our mark you own personal scribble so to say and to reveal the color through the top layer to the bottom layer. Painting over a section and then if you don't have a Shaper tool you can use the end of paint brush and still get a great effect. Bonnie's spread shows that here.  The surface of these up cycled hard cover books will be to journal write in later when more stamping and embellishments are add.

I love to see the effect of the gesso layer on the pages and then bring color to it with the acrylics. The paint will soak in to the parts where the gesso isn't and where the gesso it the value of the color will be lighter...the gesso is used as a resist there all as a thin textural medium. 

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