Friday, August 09, 2013

I'm looking at Charlie's Spirit -Layering technique

 1. Working in the Layering effect I'll be teaching in the Fall at Naperville Art League.  Here I've got the surface coated with polymer medium, using scrap collage papers for a base.

 2. I then add a layer of glazing with raw umber, my favorite color for glazing and then I use the wax crayons add some marks, lines or shapes. Just looking at what looks balanced I guess. Spray a fixative so the crayon doesn't come off.

 3. I then bring in the brayer with acrylics and a little retarder and start rolling on colors, in the beige and brown tones. Pushing the collage papers back and bring the layer of paint to the surfaces. 

 4. Using a shaper and made some gesture lines in the wet paint where you could see some of the papers, and other colors underneath. I then add some gesture line with the wax crayons and did some stamping too. 

 5. Letting the surface dry and then coat with polymer so I could layer some more collage papers by tacking it down with the tack iron.

 6. Adding a glazing over the collage papers.

 7. I used a cut stencil of horse and rolled on and over the stencil with acrylics. And then some more stamping and wax crayons. I spray with fixative so the crayon doesn't smear. Then I coated with polymer and let it dry then gave a final layer of varnish. 


I'm Looking at Charlie's Spirit  
12 x 12 collage, mixed media on 300 lb. watercolor paper.
With yesterday's experience that spilled over into today...It was fun to creatively dance my way with Stevie Nicks' newest CD and allow it all to happen, some good drama on the paper. Yesterday's date was 8- 8 -13 so I used my big old hand held pricer I have with the numbers that you dial in place and enter the date so I remember..


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