Thursday, August 08, 2013

Boxes Boxes Boxes......and more boxes

Well too funny how things work out...on Facebook a old work acquaintances ask if some one needed moving boxes.  Well having gone through 5 more in a an hour I decided to say yes I do. It works out great as I'll be meeting her today by her work and picking up about 15 more not sure if I need them all but better to have a few extra.

I've been jumping in to life there and there spontaneously and follow whims and nudges and it's kind of exciting. Yesterday I got myself out the door early and walked the dogs, then treated them and gave fresh water all the way around and headed back out to the woods, in hopes to make the free yoga class in the park.  Got an email saying it was going to happen from my local Park set my intention with willing adjustments and off I went.   Made it to the yoga the evening I was feeling it.. I've not done a full session always the beginning and I don't thing this was a full session again a taste which is good. I'm still so very new at this but I feel it's benefits and it's good to calm this restless spirit that want to do it all.

Lynda, Holly, Jan, Kristi and Myself...

So by the evening I was out to dinner with some old friends and work acquaintance from Handy Andy days, which is so while because the gal I'm to pick up the boxes for today was also a cashier way back's not odd it's a god moment there...well you know what I mean...  We saw each other and of course we 've all aged beautifully and enjoy the laughter and stories from times past. So much so we are planning on doing it again. Maybe every two will give us time to get the schedules sync.

So now back to the box thing....I can't wait, when I got my mind on something I want to put my all in it and waiting even just one day when I'm on a roll of the purge is a I'll be happy to get them today.

I have to prepare for some service work/ promotion at the Mayslake Peabody Estate as I'll be demonstrating and talking up some of my classes I'll be teaching there this fall going into the winter and spring. Always a good time meeting people.

Well best be soon as I get it figure out, the picture that is of us girls I'll be able to post it here...Lynda sent it to me in a text message and for the life of me...I need a young folk to help me out and there not up for the day yet.


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