Monday, July 15, 2013

unloading club and the horse journey of mine.

Making connections and flowing a whim or taking a risk...what's it all about?  Well been on this journey for sometime and not sure why but questioning something like this is foolish. 

Today I unload the Transit from the Art Fair...and try to put all the art way and the tent/display regalia so that I can get my act together in two days to head to Door County.  I've been preparing as much as I can in little bits but I need to know how many I'm preparing for.  Our cut off date is Tomorrow in the afternoon so I'll be scrambling then to make sure I have enough copies of things and all the packets packed.  Excited, scared and honored all on one basket to go and do this. I should say I'm uncertain not scared...which makes a much better attitude about the whole thing.  I'm finding being uncertain is as terrible as it was when I was younger or lets say a few years ago... comes with the aging thing and experience that being uncertain is a place of OK...not one of fear...well I won't get into that to heavy today.


Ok a few kind kindred souls have shares with me lately and what can I say it's happened all through my life. Some one says Hey Laura you should check this out...or Hey Laura you should try this and I have to say about 85 % of the time I do and check it out and from there I listen to my gut.  Thank you all that have guided me to look in to my Intuitive self in ways of reading a books like Quiet and flowing my Horse thing and wild pony interests...I'm not sure yet what's to come of it but it feel as big as when I spent a year long journey on the series 13 Moons on Turtles really ends up being about the journey. 

and most resent my book club has come to a pass where we not sure what book to read next and w have decided to take a break and have some share about Nancy has asked us to prepare for today these questions..

What is your creative process?
How do you mostly get inspiration?
Well your all witnessing mine....

Got to go...need to unload.

and head to book club so excited to hear what everyone one else is going through.

Oh and one last thing  Orpah's August issue has a article about Koelle in great.


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  1. That is beautiful, Laura...thank you.


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