Thursday, July 04, 2013

Abstract Landscape process

Watercolor paper, and some tools with white tape and a horizontal line.

I gave a gesture line for introduction to the white surface.

sprayed with fixative and then let dry and coat with polymer medium.

Torn some papers and placed it down, knowing full well they will be covered up later but again building my color palette and some history.

Tacked them down.
I use a sponge roller and or bray rubber roller...nothing special.

working with dark and light values.

some acrylics and my deli sheet / palette sheet.

I used a plastic charge card and spread some of the violet.

I then coming in with some stamps or different object to stamp and print with using the lighter value of the violet.
A glazing of acrylics and glazing medium. Brush on then wipe off with paper towel.
At this point I play with my homemade stamps and push back the papers and color with lighter value of acrylics rolled on with the sponge and or rubber brayer. I then dry the acrylics and coat with polymer and dry then add more coated papers.

Apricots, Small abstract landscape. As you can see it's nothing as I started off with and it keep changes as I went along. there is some shadowing of the papers just to create depth. 

Here's one I did in May at Dillman's moving out of the bottom style of abstract landscape.

small abstract demo piece.

Oh not sure where or what this is going to be but I've got it happening in the process the side of this piece I'm sure will have come collage squares all around and maybe some other stuff...they seem to take a bit long as I wait for the right pieces.
I have quite a few of the Cubes and about 14 of the glass door knobs to work with. 



  1. Thanks for the step-by-step Laura. It's fascinating to see how you work.

  2. Thanks little stone I pick from my rock bowl said followed that advice.

  3. Thank you so much, Laura. I find your work breathtakingly beautiful. So generous of you to share your process with us. May you have a wonderful and prosperous 2014!


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