Monday, July 29, 2013

Stained Glass, Building and the Chicago River

 While we were waiting for 10:00 to come around we wandered freely and found the stain glass exhibit...I love the blue here in this piece and the round blue circles...had me every time.

 this has the most pieces and I love the way it looked. So many to choice from as of different periods of time, some of the ones that were done in the mid 1800's were so awesome...replicas of the original ones. It was a great exhibit something we had no idea about...just because one wanders doesn't mean their lost right?
 I heard while we were on the boat tour that a gentlemen that owned a canoe company in California had these all shipped in here to create this piece of art...Randy and I were both in awe over it..

Buildings...buildings and buildings...all around us as we went down the middle river and the North and South. To listen to the young man share the information and float down the river I was relax.. Some amazing stuff.

 I was attracted to the people out and the colors, the row of pink was pretty spectacular.

 This building in the back was to look like a champagne bottle with the gold foil around the top and the color of the building was a dark green.

Going three years ago I was part of the One of a Kind show here at the Merchandise Mart.   kind of cool floating by seeing it from this angle.

 North branch of the river had this interesting building by the same guy that build the other triangle building a few photo's back. He wanted it to look like sails on a ship.

 Cleaning up the river was a big push from Mayor Daly a while back and I guess the North side was really not to nice so this is really something to see now.  (again attracted to the flowers and the wood.)
Repeat pattern...couldn't help myself...I liked it. Was on a boat tour for the building and history and I'm taking pictures of the water level...go figure?


  1. Hmmmm... I can see your last photo -- the repeating pattern shot -- as a basis for a new collage. Just add a horse!

  2. Too funny Carol...might be a great to get my studio cleared out first, that's my goal and then start on these horse piece with a space to move in the studio. Got to have a goal.....or something to reach for.


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