Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So at the Stables......

 When You drive up to the Stables...like a long drive way you see to your left Elk...a few bulls and then a few cows and then there is this big fellow all by himself. Hard to see I know the informed me he rarely comes out...so I figure I was blessed with a view of him Sunday.

 I took a picture of this horse sculpture on the entrance sign as a reference of the horses head...great structure isn't it?
 When you first come in you see this...major behinds..ha,ha,ha.
 Here's a bit of sleepy fellow
 Couldn't help myself to think of Hank my Big dog and this half Belgium gal- Nelly...the soft muzzle she has greeted me right away.  She's new and a rescue to the stables, her back hoofs weren't looking to good so I asked and they said, she's young two years old and a rescue and she won't let us touch her back legs yet...then don't get shoed because they are always on soft ground with the pasture and wood paths, just a trim every couple of months.

This gal is a trouble maker...as of last year she was jumping into the water trough and then knocking it over and breaking it ...not once but three times...despite the trouble she makes, look at her long lashes.

 Cayenne was my horse, I followed the rules and didn't bring my camera so I didn't get a picture with myself on the back...but I was able to come back and snap some picture. 

I took another picture Cayenne so I had another view of the marks for reference.   Doing a lot rambling about the make new work with horse...setting some major goals I guess.

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