Monday, July 01, 2013

Progress on the Violin

This one is called Bohemian Girl...the other one was called Steampunk Gal or Punk Gal for short. The sheet music is from "The Bohemian Girl, An opera in three acts, The songs by A. Bunn."   The violin that I've been given for this commission I believe is a bit smaller and different grade as maybe a student violin..I can tell by the wood and the quality of the instrument, but not to say that is not a good structure to start with.  it's just smaller.  Yesterday I spent the better half of the day working on the studio on this and now I'm letting all the area dry and then I work the aged patina look to it or a glazing of the acrylics and medium and tone it to look old and unify  the assemblage pieces with the violin.  Give it a nice varnish coat and she'll be done. Then on to preparing for my workshop in Door County...lots going on. I was lucky enough to have most of the same pieces to add to the violin as the other one...and so it's very close in similarity to it.


  1. It's beautiful, Laura! Love the name and love the piano leg piece!


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