Saturday, July 20, 2013

Photo's from The Clearing-Workshops Part 2

 Morning walk found me wandering around on some paths and I felt like I should be seeing some little Fairies or Nome's out there running about. All the ferns and covering over head really creates an awesome Never Never land kind of feeling.

 With Only Three on Day two...we had a bit more room to spread out, Barbara in the back there and Sherry along side.
 Susan smiling a good one there...She was rubbing and rubbing way with the nevr dull on the Nat. Geo. Magazines....Might be sore tomorrow and wonder why.
 Back can see the back door open what a perfect day.
 Susan cutting the tape off her collage.

 Sherry placing her green papers in the right spot before tacking down.

In a one day workshop we are able to create a few different kinds of paper and assembled them with an exercise to two before hand.  Susan said it was non threating as she is getting back into her creative side of things and hopefully she is jump started now.

This whole weekend was a blessing and it's not done I'm going to slip in some horse back riding...need a big horse to house this big rear end polish/bohemian stock of a gal....hahaha, 

For a workshop it seems it might work best to get a place to stay in Door County and come to The Clearing for a two day workshop next year...I would like to try for that, it will give everyone more time to create a few more piece...but then got to watch it they might run out of paper. Have the time before to loosen up and create freely is always a great start to can let go of the "Perfect ness"  as humans we always seem to carry around with us. 

Well time to settle in with my book and the get up early for the venture home...missing my family.


  1. Sounds like you are having way too much fun, especially with that rear end of yours hahaha

  2. Beautiful place to be. I love The Clearing; so serene and restful. Been there for a writing class years ago and now still visit the little gift shop when we're there. Sounded wonderful!


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