Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On a Pony Ride so to speak....connection with a passion

A while back I taught a class about abstract landscapes, prior to the class I had an artist date at Danada Horse stables and also walked to the high hill on the other side over looking Blick Art Materials, which I did go there too that day.  But what happened to me was a connection from my childhood.  You see there was this pony or as my Uncle Ed called it an American Pony...a bit larger then a pony and looked more like a horse then a pony.  I couldn't wait to get to the farm every summer to ride it...again and again but I just truly love being by the big soulful creature...I think that's why I'm drawn to a Great Danes too. Had one when I was growing up.

Well as I ramble on about Ponies and horse.  I've never really taken riding lessons but it seems that I might need to look into that.  Really I was meant to have a farm or some acreage so I could have my many creatures around like the chickens and such...a goose or two. 

Hang in there with me on this all... when I was in Colorado some many years back, I met my husband just two weeks before I was to head out to Colorado to attended a Art School, Blackhawk Mountain School of Art. Well when I got there we-the other students from all over the United States would take some hikes and we came upon a town that had horses and we could take them out all by ourselves in the mountain region...I tell I was never so sore but in such freedom as to be on the back of a horse...a partnership and a trust between the rider and the great beast...I was there lost in it's passion. 

So as you can see the sketch book image above is very primitive...that first off was a challenge to do, as my bit of perfectionism wanted it to be just like I saw in the photograph I took but I pushed myself not to do that...very awkward. But I did it anyways as I tell my students if you afraid...then do it afraid and yes I was afraid to create a piece as I call it on a childlike or primitive side of seeing.
I love it I love my pale pony and wish to do more...wild connections are meeting with me as I read the book again for the third time Black Elk Speaks which most of his vision has to deal with groups of horse in different colors marching in and him riding other horses as a Bay which is a soft vanilla tan color with a dark black brown mane and tale.  Now I'm not an expert by far and don't claim to be but I'm known to follow a whim now and then and this is a big one.
The ride begins or is it an obsession...with a twist of passion...I would like to have a book for reference so I might have to venture out to the book store and see if I can find a book or two on horses.   I think the last whim was chickens...oh gosh....where is this gal headed. I already went through a time of creating my chicken series...

There were more some sold and some are still in storage but you can see I go out a limb sometimes. I love this series as the symbols at the very bottom where Gypsy symbols used to mark the journey they took as to share with other Gypsy if it was a good house or a bad house to stop at on their nomadic trail.

So back to the Horse/ pony be personal drama and I'm excited and I think I needed that now in my life.

A bit of horse medicine, 
Horse are a physical power and an unearthly power.
Humanity made a great leap forward when Horse was domesticated a discovery akin to that of fire. Before Horse, humans were earth bound, heavy-laden, and slow creatures indeed. Once humans climbed on Horse's back, they were as free and fleet as the wind.
I found out that they are a Gemini Symbol...hmmm.
There is a special relationship, they carried there burdens with ease and for great distances. Horse was the first animal medicine of civilization. Humanity owes an incalculable debt to Horse and to the new medicine it brought.
there's more as I find more I'll share... but I was asked on Monday by one of my students about where do and how do my collages get started.  Well they start like this with blimps of connections and then I gather and gather and have these Aha moments of clarity and off I'm riding......


  1. Have always loved your "Chicken Series" and now "the horse" - wonderful! Love the colors and the nature of it; love your story.

  2. Thanks April...I might have to slip in a quick artist date out at the Farm at the Center to take some picture of the Donkeys they have there too. Oh to the four legged creatures why do we love them so well.


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