Wednesday, July 17, 2013

And the rest is history....

this journal is called Loving thoughts

I spilled out on my morning pages this morning early...I won't go into how early but I did. I get so excited and anxious, like a little kid about going any place and then to be responsible for a job of presenting a workshop then I get really excited...Brain gets locked in and I'm focused on a check list like no other.  All supplies are packed and waiting to be loaded in the Transit...what amazes me is it about the same amount of stuff for a one day workshop as a 5 day one...well almost as much.

I just printed off my application I need to fill out to take the Horseback trail riding on the way back from teaching this through all the legal stuff and made my mark on each one as of my initials.. Which is weather permitting and all goes well I'll be doing that and visiting Barb and Doug's place. (need to pack boots and bring a pair of jeans)  They're Glass artists and I met them when I did a workshop at Ed Hoy's a year or so back. 

On the way up I plan on stopping and seeing an old friend Linda Distel from when I first took Jonathan Talbots workshop in Ingleside was just almost over into WI...I think it's by Volo IL.  Wow that was 10 years ago....and the Midwest Collage Society was in it incubation of Michele and Cynthia helped with Dale Lorens get all the by laws in order so we could really carry on business. And lots of the woman in this workshop were part of the beginning stages of exhibit with us.  I was just the scout of it I went out and gave direction and they fulfilled that with some awesome understanding and wordage so we could carry on the MCS group...which is also 10 years old.

I start an evening Yoga class tonight...yikes...I think I should be saying I need a calming and center for today but I think I already know what to kind and gentle with myself and center with a walk in the woods...then let the rest of day fall into place. (homestead food shopping and for myself)

I get to bring food as they have a small kitchenette which I love...After giving/presenting all day I totally need to counter that with major quiet time...While most would go off and spend it together with the group of workshop attendees with an evening of wine or something... I have to be by myself.   I always thought I was a odd apple for that which I always honored...not a lot of people get it but I have to recharge myself.  And I go to bed very early and wake up early so sleep is a big thing for me...I kind of protect that time too.

Well I'm doing it again  reading a few books at one time...crazy I know but I'm going to take my new discounted book I picked up the book store the other day.. "Rescued by a Horse" and read that...and leave the other book Quiet at home.  That one needs my early morning attention...major wordage in it..

Some where in this all I'll also be stopping into The Flying Pig Algoma WI to see how those gals are doing.  What an awesome place.  

Door County...I was just sharing with a few book buddies the other morning about when I joined LaGrange Art League, I was in contact with Alla Jablokow, She was in charge of the classes and setting up the teaching...She asked me if I wanted to teach....I said, " I've never done that before" and She said "all you have to do is teach what you know" And the rest is history....

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